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laure & faustine





Born and raised in Geneva, Laure studied marketing in Paris and finance in London. After working in New York, Paris and Zurich, she chose to settle her family in Geneva. Two boys later, she works in finance, is an accomplished socialite and is an entrepreneur. The search for the elusive perfect pyjamas also being one of her pet peeves, it was only too logical she and Faustine would join forces and launch Laustine.

She loves traveling around the world with her family, gathering with friends and a nice glass of red wine.

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Faustine was born in Paris and grew up in Megève in the Alps. After studying civil engineering in Paris and finance in London, she started her first job at one of the world’s biggest asset managers. A few years down the road, she found herself putting her family first and moving to Geneva. Mother of two girls, she searched far and wide for the perfect pyjamas and being a perfectionist there was no choice but to make her own.

Her favourite color is pink ( 2 girls, what can you do), her favourite hobby is make up and her dog’s name is Coconut.


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