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Our pyjamas and sleepsuits are made in organic cotton in Portugal by a family-owned manufacturing company. The manufacture started with Ana Paula's mother Laura 50 years ago and was passed on to Ana Paula when she was still young. In total there are 15 ladies working on many designs, some of which have been part of this family for over 38 years. The company has gone through many different processes in terms of product production, but is now specialised in baby and children wear, bringing all its experience into our Laustine garments.

We chose to produce our Laustine pyjamas with Ana Paula as we believe in empowering women, being entrepreneurs ourselves, and we liked the family feel of the place from the start. Producing in Europe was a main goal for us, and we are thrilled to have achieved this in Portugal.
At Laustine we are passionate about ethics and being earth friendly, meaning producing somewhere far off like India or China was always a no go, even if it meant slightly higher prices.
We also tried to be mindful of our planet in reducing all packaging and when possible to use eco-friendly materials:
our tissue paper is completely acid free and FSC Certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and printed with soy-based ink (it makes it easier to recycle paper). It makes us part of the Eco-Packaging Alliance, contributing to global reforestation in areas of need.
you will receive your Laustine pyjamas in a 100% compostable mailer made with corn, meaning you can throw it in the compost bin and it will disappear in 6 months!

These are little things, but we do hope that we'll be able to do more for our planet as we grow.

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