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Laure & Faustine

Laustine is a children’s pyjama brand, started in Switzerland in 2019.

Co-founders Laure and Faustine, both mothers with young children, found it hard to find pyjamas that embraced classic lines and simple details. They dreamt of designing and creating soft, comfortable, practical and timeless pyjamas in the hope of helping families all around.

The idea is simple, all designs are available in each color so you can create the perfect style and colour combination for your little ones. Match them with their siblings, or embrace their individuality as they grow, and re-use the pyjamas for your latest addition.

Designed in Switzerland by Faustine and Laure and made in Portugal in a family-owned factory, all Laustine pyjamas and sleepsuits are in organic cotton in an ethical and responsible approach.

Laustine, for kids who like to dream